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All our articles on college football uniforms (and uniforms from other sports!) can be found here. From D3 football uniforms up through Alabama and Clemson, we’re passionate about every college football uniform to ever be worn. Check out all our articles below:

USC vs UCLA home uniforms matchup
USC vs UCLA, arguable the best college football uniform matchup ever
  • The 5 Best Iowa Hawkeyes Football Uniforms of All Time
    We look at the 5 Best Iowa Hawkeyes Football Uniforms of all time, including throwbacks, alternates, classics and more.
  • College Football Week One: Top CFB Stories
    Here’s this week’s top college football news. We’ll post the top CFB headlines and happenings in this format at the start of the work week. The Big 12’s Expansion Choices Are Submitting Their Official Applications Both Cincinnati and UCF have confirmed submitted their applications to join the Big XII. It is expected that the other […]
  • Preseason CFB Uniform Round Up
    The “Uniform Round Up” is a new series on our site. In these posts, we’ll show you some of the best college football uniforms teams have released. These will often be alternate uniforms, but we may do historical uniform recaps as well. If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that CFB uniforms […]
  • Restore 44
    By Kenny Van Doren, @SidelinesCuse     The personal and sentimental reasons behind a number might be silly to some, but an athlete’s number means more than anything. It all comes from a “look good, play good” mentality, or it comes from tradition. Players these days idolize their heroes; LeBron wears 23 because of Jordan, many […]
  • The Largest Apparel Deal in CFB – and Which One Will Be Next
    The largest apparel deal in CFB is not with a playoff team. In fact, it’s not even with a Top 25 team. Perhaps even more surprising, the company writing the check isn’t Nike. Image Courtesy 247 Sports In May 2016, Under Armour inked a 15 year, $280 million deal with UCLA to be their official […]
  • Grid Lines Blog #UniformOfTheYear
    The votes are in, and your Grid Lines Blog #UniformOfTheYear for 2018 is the Iowa State Cyclones All Black uniforms. These uniforms were announced on July 10, 2018, along with two other base uniforms. These new combos removed the stripes from previous uniforms, instituted a new number style with cyclone-esque curls, and added the words […]
  • Super Bowl 53 Uniform Preview
    It’s that time of year: College Football has wrapped up, and thus fans turn their eyes to the NFL Playoffs. This year’s games were packed with both action and controversy, but the biggest game is still left to play. The New England Patriots, perennial contender and league super villain, will be facing the surging Los […]
  • Best Helmets of the CFB Season So Far:
    Football is about a lot of things. Teamwork. Strength. Strategy. But one thing is more important than all: cool helmets. That’s right. It’s great when we see a flashy one handed catch, or a 99-yard kick return, but we all know the reason we tune in every Saturday is to see some dope domes, right? […]
  • TuesD3y Spotlight: Wesley College
    This week’s TuesD3y spotlight shines on Wesley College. Wesley College is a private liberal arts college in Dover, Delaware, established in 1873. Their football program competes in the New Jersey Athletic Conference surrounding the New York City area. Wesley competes as the wolverines, which already creates a branding obstacle given that most people will think […]
  • Wolverines, Wildcats and Wild Kits
    Image Courtesy of Last night marked the conclusion of a 2018’s incredible March Madness tournament, with Villanova taking the title in a dominant victory over the Michigan. But, Divincenzo’s incredible performance and the three’s the Wildcats drained all night weren’t the only things that caught our attention. The uniforms in this match up were […]

Here at CFB Select, we love college football uniforms of all kinds. We write articles on college football uniforms, including alternates and throwbacks, logos, branding and more. If you love college athletic branding, CFB Select is your place to learn more.,

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