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How Many D1 College Football Teams Are There?

With the wealth of games on most every Saturday in the fall, many fans wonder just how many D1 college football teams there are. This isn’t the simplest question, but here’s what you need to know. The quick answer is there are 131 D1 FBS teams, but this doesn’t capture all of “D1”. This FBS “subdivision” of D1 is the topmost tier which competes for bowls and a spot in the College Football Playoff. There is a lower division called “FCS” that plays their own championship tournament. You can find out more about that here! The next stipulation is that…

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What does “FBS” Mean in College Football? Is “FCS” worse or better?

The college football landscape is confusing, certainly much more complicated than its professional counterpart, the NFL. So, when you hear terms like “FBS” and “FCS” thrown around while watching college football, it’s easy to get confused. Here’s a brief explanation of what exactly “FBS” and “FCS” mean in College Football. FBS stands for “Football Bowl Subdivision”. The reason it’s called a subdivision is because both FBS and FCS are technically Division 1 football – but, “FBS” is the more competitive level. The primary difference between FBS and FCS Football is how the championship is played. FBS Football has bowl games…

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Where James Madison falls in Conference Realignment

College Football has been dominated by a dynasty for the last decade. Then, in January 2017, they were finally dethroned by a new contender. No, we’re not talking about Clemson Alabama. We’re talking about North Dakota state, who has won the FCS championship 8 times since 2010, finally being dethroned by the James Madison Dukes. But, the Dukes are making headlines once again with conference realignment. First, the SEC snatched Texas and Oklahoma in a stunning news break that took just a week to come to fruition. Then, the Big 12 bounced back by raiding the American Conference for Cincinnati,…

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FCS Discussion is extremely important to growing the sport at all levels. That’s why we’ve made a dedicated FCS discussion page and FCS Forum. If you’re an FCS football fan, bookmark this page and continue to check in!

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