Whether you’re begging for more entertainment or waiting until a horrible season is finally over, fans may wonder how many games are in a college football season. The answer varies depending on how well your team performs!

The standard amount of regular season games for a team is 12. This can vary based on circumstance (i.e. hurricanes have canceled games that aren’t able to be rescheduled), as well as a niche instance called the “Hawaii Rule” that allows teams to schedule an additional game if they travel to play at Hawaii (giving them 13 regular season games).

Teams can play in an additional game each season they travel to play at Hawaii

However, the number of games in a CFB season can be as high as 15 with postseason performance (or technically 16 with the Hawaii rule). This is because in addition to the 12 regular season games, you can play in your conference championship, then the College Football Playoff semifinals and championship game.

The only teams to have gone 15-0 in college are Clemson in 2018, LSU in 2019 and Georgia in 2022. However, note 15-0 was only possible since the launch of the College Football Playoff in 2014.

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