“When do college football rankings come out” depends on the poll

College football rankings are released throughout the season by several different organizations. The most well-known rankings are the College Football Playoff (CFP) Rankings (though these start later in the season), the Associated Press (AP) Top 25 and the Coaches Poll. The latter two polls are released weekly, starting in the first week of the season. The AP Top 25 is voted on by a panel of sportswriters from across the country, while the Coaches Poll is voted on by a panel of college football coaches. In addition to these three polls, there are also several other college football rankings that are released throughout the season, such as the Amway Coaches Poll.

The college football rankings are used to determine which teams will be invited to play in the major bowl games at the end of the season. The four teams that are selected to play in the College Football Playoff are based on the CFP rankings. The other bowl games (especially the New Years Six) are also based on the college football rankings.

The college football rankings can be a very controversial topic. Some people believe that the rankings are too subjective, while others believe that they are a fair way to determine which teams are the best in the country. The BCS Rankings used to determine who played in the national championship game, and were based on computer rankings. Regardless of your opinion on the rankings, they are an important part of college football and they can have a big impact on the outcome of the season.