When you see a lot of these high scoring college football games (looking at you, Big 12), you may wonder if anyone has ever hit triple digits. The short answer is yes; in fact, a team has scored 100 points in college football on 217 occasions. However, these largely occurred pre World War 2. Since 1970, only 3 such games have occurred. They are the below:

Portland State 105 vs. Delaware State 0, 1989, October 28

Central State 101 vs Lane 0, 1989, October 28

Rockford 105 Trinity Bible 0, 2003, September 6

Georgia Tech vs Cumberland

Georgia Tech vs Cumberland scoreboard, the largest blowout in CFB history

In case your curious, the largest ever blowout in a college football game was Georgia Tech vs. Cumberland, 222 to 0. Talk about a tough game!

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