If you’re newer to CFB or only follow NFL, the concept of a Bowl Game may confuse you. The simplest way to put it is that it is a game played at the end of the season to reward the great teams and match them up against an equally great competitor they may not often face.

How many bowl games are there?

For the 2022-23 season, there are 43 Bowl Games. This means 86 teams will qualify. Only 2 of these bowls are playoff games with the 4 team playoff model.

How do teams qualify for a bowl game?

Generally, a team is rewarded with a bowl when they finish with a .500 or better record (typically this means getting at least 6 wins). The more wins you get, the better bowl game you’re generally awarded with. However, special committees pick the bowls, and sometimes choose teams over others based on local alumni concentration or the money they could potentially make off bringing a bigger brand to the bowl.

What are the best bowl games?

Orange Bowl Trophy in front of Hard Rock Stadium

The best bowl games are the “New Years 6”, six bowl games played on New Years weekend. These bowls are the Fiesta Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Rose Bowl, Peach Bowl, Sugar Bowl and Orange Bowl. In the current 4 team playoff model, two of these bowl games are playoff games (rotating between them).

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