UCF Fans and the self proclaimed UCF Twitter Mafia are a rowdy and dedicated bunch

It’s near impossible to be involved in CFB Twitter and not run into the self proclaimed “UCF Twitter Mafia”. They’ll swarm any UCF post, positive or negative, and fill it with Knightro-in-flames gifs and shouts of Charge On! (Or, worse if you’re on their bad side).

But, this crew is not just a dominating force online. In person, UCF fans are quickly becoming some of the most dedicated and rowdy – or, they always were (save a few despicable seasons) and are just finally getting recognized. It makes sense they’d have such number when they boast the largest undergraduate population, but their commitment and energy is even more impressive (or annoying, depending on your POV) than their numbers.

Regardless, as this crew makes it’s presence known and dominates airwaves of all kinds, you have to ask – who will stop them? Who will be the next G5 darling (or even underrated P5) to have a fanbase so strong they can shutout Internet polls and swarm any mention of their name. In 4+ years blogging about CFB on Twitter I’ve never seen a comparable fanbase in terms of their tenacity. So, I invite:

Who’s going to stop them?

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