Off-seasons of sports you enjoy age always bad. It’s obvious why, life with sports to look forward to is just better. But, the CFB off-season is a special breed of bad, and here’s why.

1. NIL Updates

The CFB landscape has completely changed. Students are getting paid up to tens of millions to play college football, often through pretty artificial and transparent “endorsements”. While the occasional O Line getting sponsored by a burger chain is hilarious (or someone like DeColdest Crawford getting sponsored by an AC company), these just get old after a while and make many of us sad about the current business of the game.

2. Obsessing over high schoolers

Yes, recruitment is what fuels college football. But, getting push notifications about the latest 16 year old kid to commit to your rival school gets so exhausting when we don’t have the actual sport to watch. Yes, many of us obsess and follow the recruiting trail because we love the game, but it gets tiring.

3. Dealing with rival fanbases online

Meeting rival fans in person can be quite fun. As long as you don’t go full SEC fan and get stabbed by a rival in a parking lot, we all enjoy a good chirp. This is NOT the same on Twitter or Reddit. There’s nothing like going back and forth with some incompetent rival fan who thinks his team is better than yours because they won a few titles before their parents were born. Just get us to the games already where we actually have evidence that our team is better. And if they’re not, there’s always next season.

4. Bad CFB List Articles Online

Who wants to spend their time reading a crappy list article online when you could be watching a game instead. Wait…what?

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