For this week’s Stadium Saturday we take a look at Husky Stadium; the home of the University of Washington Huskies.

husky stadium

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This venue is hailed as “the Greatest Setting in College Football” for a reason. The upper decks look absolutely magnificent, and the entire architecture just looks lofty and airborne; the perfect encapsulation of windy, coastal Seattle.

Speaking of coasts, the stadiums water-side location lends itself to one of the most unique traditions in college football; sailgating.

A pun off of tailgating and sailing, hundreds of people (students and otherwise) sail up to the exposed side of the stadium for a chance to celebrate gameday. Definitely one for the bucket list if you’re a Dawgs fan, or even if you just like turning up on a boat.


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Husky Stadium just looks great from all angles. It’s hard to make upper decks look good without being too angular or blocky, but Husky Stadium’s just look smooth. Plus, the rain covers are natural extensions of the stadium rather than last minute add-ons.

The venue didn’t always look like it does now. A massive renovation project was started in 2011 to add more seating and increase structural integrity. Here’s what it looked like prior to the changes; still great, in my opinion.

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The stadium is great for the spectator, too. All seats have a fairly good view of the field, and the venue looks just as beautiful from the inside.


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Definitely a must visit if your team ever has an away game there. Also, a great area to explore before and after the teams take the field.

So, is Husky Stadium really “the Greatest Setting in College Football”? What stadium should be featured next week? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.