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  • Lance Leipold: Greatest CFB Coach Of All Time?

    Now, calling any coach not named Nick Saban the greatest college football coach of all time will raise some eyebrows. Especially a coach like Lance Leipold who has only been coaching at the P5 level for 2 seasons. Surely his accomplishment don’t stack up? You might be surprised. Lance Leipolds head coaching career started at […]

  • Why didn’t Max Duggan win the Heisman?

    After seeing Max Duggan absolutely ball out vs. Michigan, and step up to the biggest stage in the national championship game, many fans may be wondering how he didn’t win the Heisman. First of all, the Heisman is considered a regular season award. This means votes can be submitted before the conference championship games are […]

  • Has there ever been a 100 point College Football game?

    When you see a lot of these high scoring college football games (looking at you, Big 12), you may wonder if anyone has ever hit triple digits. The short answer is yes; in fact, a team has scored 100 points in college football on 217 occasions. However, these largely occurred pre World War 2. Since […]

  • Why are there so many bowls in college football?

    First of all – who doesn’t love more football? But to actually dive into the reasoning why there are so many bowls (like are beloved Bad Boy Mowers Bowl or the Bahamas Bowl), you need to look into the benefits of a bowl game and how teams qualify for a bowl game. One very short […]

  • Best Mike Leach Quotes

    Unfortunately Mike Leach has been reported in critical condition following a stroke, per Mississippi State University. We’d like to take some time today to remember some of the pirate Coach’s most unforgettable moments. “I mean, I completely hate Candy Corn.” This was after beating Vanderbilt in October 2021. While a controversial statement to some, we […]

  • How Much Does It Cost To Sponsor A Bowl Game?

    With seemingly random companies like “Bad Boy Mowers” and “Cheribundi Tart Cherry” sponsoring bowls, you may wonder how costly it is to buy the naming rights to a bowl game. While even the cheapest bowls aren’t pocket change, it may not be as expensive as you think. The cheapest cost to sponsor a bowl game […]

  • What is a College Football Bowl Game and How Many Bowl Games Are There?

    If you’re newer to CFB or only follow NFL, the concept of a Bowl Game may confuse you. The simplest way to put it is that it is a game played at the end of the season to reward the great teams and match them up against an equally great competitor they may not often […]

  • CFB Select Announces Partnership with Homage

    Today we announce exciting news – CFB Select has entered a partnership with Homage, one of the finest purveyors of Vintage and Throwback sports apparel. For our loyal college fans, they have a variety of schools throwback designs on site, such as the Ohio State University, Penn State University, Cincinnati and more! You can view […]

  • Breaking News: Nebraska Blows The Big Game

    Date: Whatever today is

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