This past weekend the Arlington Renegades won the first XFL championship in the reboot. This was a monumental victory for a 4-6 regular season team that had a path to the crown filled with nothing but upsets. But, perhaps they were upset upon winning the championship anyways – because the new XFL Championship trophy is the ugliest trophy in professional sports.

The XFL Championship Trophy, the ugliest trophy in professional sports.

Seriously, what is this? If the “X” design were Gold it would perhaps look like some championship hardware, but this trophy looks like either a construction component or a sign on the highway to block off a road.

The worst part is, the “X” component isn’t even the base. They add an additional base with the ACTUAL XFL 3.0 logo that clashed with the rest of the trophy’s design, despite that being the one part that actually matches the XFLs branding.

The metal football design is fine I guess, but the base entirely ruins it. It’s not even the colors that match the XFL 3.0 branding.

I have no idea who made this decision, but I hope XFL goes the way of the PLL and makes a new trophy for its second year. I wouldn’t even want to hoist this trophy – never mind how uncomfortable it looks to hoist.